The Common Types Of Fishing Reels

If you are new to fishing, you might be overwhelmed with the different reels that are on offer. It is important that you know what some of the most commonly used reels are and what they offer. This will ensure that you only buy the reels that meet your needs.

The Spincast Reel

One of the most common reels is the spincast reel. This is an inexpensive reel which is very easy to use and most commonly used by beginners. The reel helps you get used to fishing and will require minimal investment for a casual fisher.

The reel has a push-button release and will provide you with decent accuracy when casting. It is also one of the easiest reels when it comes to untangling your line as all you have to do is open the bail. However, it is important to note that these reels do not have very large line capacities. You will not be able to cast very far with the reel because of the small size.

The Baitcasting Reel

This type of reel is the favorite of many anglers for a number of reasons. The first is that the line will not twist or become tangled when you use the reel. You will also get distance and power with this reel when compared to the spincast. There are also light and heavy versions which you can use depending on what you are fishing.

This type of reel is great for bigger fish because it is able to handle heavier test lines. You will also have more accuracy and control when you cast. The primary drawback of this reel is the fact that it takes some time and practice to get used to it. However, once you master the reel, you may never want to use anything else.

The Spinning Reel

There are a lot of anglers who use spinning reels instead of baitcasting reels and there is a big debate over which is better. They each have their pros and cons that you need to consider when you make a decision. However, it is often down to personal preference and which you feel more comfortable with.

To use the spinning reel, you will need to flip the metal wire down to lock the line in place. You release the metal wire to open the reel when you are casting. This is a good option for beginners as the reel is easy to use and they are generally quite affordable. The primary issue with these reels is that they can be a bit trigger-happy which could cause you to lose lures.

The Surf Fishing Reel

While you can use a spinning or baitcasting reel for surf fishing, surf fishing reels have been designed to withstand the harsh conditions that you are fishing in. These reels will generally be made with anodized aluminum and graphite to withstand the salt water. They will also have stainless steel ball bearings which will not rust.

These reels have a large line capacity and will offer you very accurate casting control. The reel is able to handle different types of fish which is ideal with surf fishing as you never know what you are going to catch. The primary issue with these reels is the cost as they will be more expensive than the spinning or baitcasting reel.

There are a lot of different types of fishing reels that you can use and you need to be aware of this. The best reels for beginners will be those with a simple mechanism. Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for recommendations as well. Most sportfishing charter captains are happy to give advise.  If you are going to be surf fishing, you might want to look at more specialized reels to help you get the most of your fishing.

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