Experience The Thrill Of Deep Sea Fishing In The Gulf Of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is undoubtedly one of the world’s premier deep sea fishing spots. Sandwiched in a triangle made up of the United States. Mexico and Cuba this part of the Atlantic Ocean is home to some of the most exciting game fish on the planet. It is not only the sheer variety of the fish species that attracts fishermen (and women) from all over the globe but also the wonderful opportunity to explore not only the pristine waters but the countries that surround them.

deep sea fishing in Gulf of Mexico

However, that said this is a place where opportunities for deep sea fishing are as numerous as the species that inhabit the Gulf. It is possible to head out in the morning to target tuna for that evenings barbecue, spend the time around midday strapping in to fight shark and then the afternoon hunting for that trophy Marlin- the choices can be bewildering – but in a good way.

fishing reels

One of the best things about choosing to go deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to charters. There is a massive number to choose from and each has a unique approach to getting fishermen on the water and into some of the magnificent species that call the Gulf their watery home. Some fishing charter companies require that the entire boat be chartered at a set price, while others will accept individuals and gather a group together themselves. this can be a more affordable option. Prices vary – but can range from a couple of hundred dollars per day (with equipment, some refreshments etc) to thousands for those who want the boat to themselves and their party.

The beauty of the Gulf is in its variety. The area is vast and each of the regions there are different species that make up the King’s Ransom of targets for those going deep sea fishing. For instance, launching from Florida will see you targeting shark, grouper, snapper and king mackerel (among others) while hitting the Gulf from a base in Alabama in the Fall or the Summer will see fishermen targeting Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and barracuda. There’s even more choice if you charter from the Mississippi or Louisiana areas. Here flounder, redfish and sea trout can provide hours of action. Texas offers even more with black drum, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead and shark all being targeted.

Fishing the Gulf provides so many species and such a wide variety of water that it is not difficult to see why it is a region that is in such demand. Go and get your line wet.

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